Unsurpassed performance


Cloud based email spam filter solution

Complete protection

ZEROSPAM provides complete protection against all forms of harmful and undesirable email messages. This includes ransomware and all other types of malware, spear phishing, phishing, DOS attacks, messages containing dangerous links and harmful attachments, good old-fashioned spam and rogue newsletters.

High accuracy rate

ZEROSPAM has a VBSpam-proven catch rate of 99.9%. This has been proven test after test by a reputed and neutral third party (Virus Bulletin) since March 2012. Furthermore, legitimate messages are very rarely blocked. On 6 different occasions so far, ZEROSPAM has earned the VBSpam+ award which requires a catch-rate of at least 99.95% with 0 false positives during a test.

Unnoticeable email transmission delays

The passage of your email through the ZEROSPAM infrastructure typically requires less than 2 seconds. Email is mission critical and your Anti-Spam solution should never delay it.

Useful links

" Anti-Spam is a specialized job. Antiviruses that try to act as spam filters and firewall add-on spam modules just don’t cut it. I’m through with those. "

- J. Dubois, CTO RNT