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Are you looking to get involved in an exciting field with a company that allows you to explore your talents and grow? We are always looking for gifted people with passion and initiative to grow the team and contribute to the success of ZEROSPAM.

ZEROSPAM is a people-centric company. We know our best and strongest asset is who we work with, which also extends to our partners and of course our clients!

Happy employees give their 100% to their work and to each other. We understand the benefits of hard work but we also understand the importance of balance. Which is why we provide an environment that nurtures collaboration, initiative, growth, health and fun.

If that's what you're looking for, we want to hear from you.

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  • Competitive compensation - A living wage is not a luxury
  • Annual fitness allowance and medical coverage - Healthy mind in a healthy body
  • Public transit pass - Feel better about polluting less
  • Continuous learning - When you know better, you do better
  • Flexible schedule - We get work/life balance

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" Anti-Spam is a specialized job. Antiviruses that try to act as spam filters and firewall add-on spam modules just don’t cut it. I’m through with those. "

- J. Dubois, CTO RNT