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About us

ZEROSPAM is a pure-play cloud Anti-Spam solution that offers superior protection against all email-borne threats such as ransomware and other malware, spear phishing, phishing and good old spam. All harmful and undesirable email is blocked in the cloud before it enters your network perimeter. The ZEROSPAM solution has been designed to require minimal management. As a result, our customers enjoy a more secure environment while their IT team is able to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

ZEROSPAM Security was founded in 2003 by CISSP David Poellhuber, long before the cloud solutions trend hit tidal wave proportions. While other appliance-based or software-based Anti-Spam providers only recently developed a cloud offering, ZEROSPAM was cloud from day one. David had his heart set on this approach from the start because it made so much sense in so many ways: better security, less resource waste and a great business model.

The company’s headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada and ZEROSPAM Security serves thousands of mid-market and enterprise customers worldwide. The company also has strong reseller networks operating in North America, LatAM, EMEA and Europe catering to SMB and mid-market customers.

Our core values are centered around the following four pillars:

1. We leave no stone unturned

When it comes to technical support, routing, DNS or mail server issues, we have seen every type of issue imaginable. We do not believe in generic or approximate answers and we really care about customer service. Our staff thoroughly understands the SMTP protocol and we share that knowledge in a way that is helpful to our partners and customers.

2. Continuous improvement

Incident reports, SLAs, defensive programming, risk analysis, code of ethics, training and certifications are some of the methods and tools we use to improve our processes and the way we conduct our business on an on-going basis. Our team derives great pride and satisfaction from solving problems, beating spammer schemes and constantly upgrading detection. Our customers, in turn, enjoy the benefits of a safer solution.

3. We value cooperation

We nurture our staff’s tendency to help each other and strive to create an environment where everyone in the company can do what they love while lending a helping hand when it becomes necessary. We value team thinking and bring many people to the table to approach more complex problems from various angles. We believe in sharing knowledge and celebrating success.

4. We stay calm – always

No matter what happens, we won’t lose it. Even when confronted with stressful situations, we stay focused so we can help our customers in a calm and collected way.

Should you want to reach out to our management team please do so by email at corpo@zerospam.ca. Unsollicited commercial emails are NOT welcome.

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" Technically, it is one of the best solution out there. That’s why we run it. "

- D. Scott CTO EPIC Information Solutions