Pas de compromis en matière de sécurité


Don't Compromise Security for Emails


ZEROSPAM customers can count on a completely redundant basic service. Multiple MX pointers are assigned to each customer who each reside in a different data center. The filtering network includes a constellation of filtering nodes distributed in 3 Canadian data centers under constant surveillance. Thus, even a temporary breakdown would in no way affect the delivery of messages.


TLS is fully supported, which guarantees encryption and confidentiality of messages in transit. It is also possible to force the use of TLS for output filtering for certain specific destinations, for example with financial partners. Our terms of service guarantee confidentiality in the sense that a message is not viewed, stored or archived in any way. See our privacy section.

5 days queuing

The gateways of our customers are under constant surveillance. When a gateway becomes unavailable, all messages are queued for free for up to five days. The emergency contact is notified of the situation and we help you diagnose the situation for a return to normal as soon as possible.

If the breakdown is of a longer duration, for example in the event of a disaster, it is possible to activate the continuity service which guarantees the availability of the email service.

Protection of the weak link in the safety chain

Today 80% of security incidents are the result of human error. Our unique approach to quarantine management ensures that your users are protected from themselves. Quarantines are designed for maximum security and efficiency in your organization.

Outbound filtering protects your reputation

ZEROSPAM can also filter outgoing messages to protect your correspondents and also your reputation. This additional service is optional.

Liens utiles

" Nous avons commencé à revendre ZEROSPAM en 2014. En un an, plus d'une vingtaine de nos clients représentant plus de 600 boites de courriels ont adhérés au service, et ce n'est que le début. Nous ajoutons des clients au service pratiquement tous les mois. ZEROSPAM est une partie intégrante de notre offre. "

- V. Beaudoin, Propriétaire Rhesus