choisir entre moins de faux positif ou moins de spam

N’ajustez pas votre appareil

Wouldn't it be nice if your anti-spam blocked ALL spam and delivered ALL legitimate emails? Wouldn't you like to get as close as possible to this ideal without having to change a host of parameters? This is what ZEROSPAM offers!

It is not difficult to block all spam; the challenge is to do it while letting all legitimate email go through. Placing this line and modifying it if necessary is an important task that can be left to your anti-spam provider. Customers frustrated with other anti-spam solutions often report that they have not been able to find the ideal settings despite a lot of effort put into it. On the one hand, more sensitive filtering generated blocked legitimate messages while on the other, more permissive filtering allowed a torrent of spam to pass.

ZEROSPAM solution does NOT contain a sensitivity adjustment . We know what you want, and we constantly adjust to make sure that we deliver these emails to all of our customers without any adjustments on their part.

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" Nous avons été impressionnés par l'efficacité. Nous avons testé plusieurs solution et ZEROSPAM nous a laissé bouche-bée. Ça marche et demande très peu de gestion. Nos clients sont maintenant en bien meilleure sécurité. "

- S. Seargeant Microage Kingston