Un taux de faux positif très bas

Faible taux de faux positifs

Spam detection with low false positive rate

False positives are legitimate messages that are mistakenly blocked. False positives are inevitable with any anti-spam solution, but too high a false positive rate will hurt your business.

The ZEROSPAM solution has an extremely low false positive rate. It is regularly measured by the VBSpam test from Virus Bulletin, an authoritative organization in the field. On several occasions ZEROSPAM has earned VBSpam + certification for test periods with no false positives and this for hundreds of thousands of messages sent. In reality, a new client will possibly find some legitimate messages during the first days of commissioning, which will allow them to adjust their whitelist and generally allow them to no longer closely monitor quarantine.


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" J'ai appris à travailler avec ZEROSPAM et j'adore le service. Il fonctionne à merveille, est très facile à utiliser et mes clients répondent à mon enthousiasme parce que revendre ZEROSPAM est très facile. Mes clients sont très satisfaits avec le service. "

- D. Martine, Président Commtech