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Améliorer la sécurité des courriels

This whitepaper explains why cloud security is gradually taking over local anti-spam solutions. The version is available in English only. Here is a short excerpt from the White Paper :

Email is absolutely critical to the operation of business and to the efficiency of individual users. It is equally true that email is under severe and increasing attack from growing volumes and new forms of threats: ransomware, spear-phishing, malware, viruses, 0-day threats, etc. These threats can steal data, drain financial accounts, bring down networks, drive up IT costs, and generally wreak havoc on an organization.

However, doing so is expensive and time-consuming for many IT staff. Defense mechanisms must continually be upgraded to combat growing volumes of spam, as well as increasingly sophisticated malware and other threats. Furthermore, email security must operate virtually 100% of the time - interruptions of even a few seconds can create major problems.

This white paper discusses the advantages of cloud-based email security and it offers some guidance on what decision makers should evaluate as they consider whether or not cloudbased email security is a good fit for their organization.

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" Nous avons commencé à revendre ZEROSPAM en 2014. En un an, plus d'une vingtaine de nos clients représentant plus de 600 boites de courriels ont adhérés au service, et ce n'est que le début. Nous ajoutons des clients au service pratiquement tous les mois. ZEROSPAM est une partie intégrante de notre offre. "

- V. Beaudoin, Propriétaire Rhesus