SMEs, beware of “president fraud”!

This is the title of the article published on October 6 by journalist  Alain McKenna on the Les Affaires site as part of the CYBERSÉCURITÉ 2018 dossier  .

David Poellhuber, Director of Operations for ZEROSPAM, was invited to share his expertise in email security with regard to predictive fraud,  a strategy which consists in impersonating an important person in a company and requesting a transfer from money as quickly as possible.

As David Poellhuber says  , this type of fraud is more and more frequent and targets in particular SMEs which are easier targets than large companies. Harpooning is a real danger which, when it strikes, causes extreme damage to businesses. This is why it is important for SMEs to have a partner like ZEROSPAM to ensure the protection of their emails.

With the best harpoon protection module on the market and a capture rate of 99.9%, ZEROSPAM is the ideal solution for protecting your emails.

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