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Remote work has made teams rely more than ever on communications like email. With so much focus being placed on this medium, we thought it would be nice to bust a couple myths surrounding emails and email security.

Myth #1: All dangerous emails contain links or files.

FALSE. While many dangerous emails do contain links or files, it doesn’t mean that emails that don’t have files can’t be dangerous. Phishing and BEC have become popular threats because they don’t rely on links or files: they use social engineering to accomplish their objectives.

Myth #2: Users' input is important for complete protection.

IT DEPENDS. Email security can quickly get complicated. If you want your users to contribute to email security, they need to be regularly trained on the threats they can face. As long as your users receive regular training, they can be an invaluable piece of the cybersecurity puzzle.

Myth #3: More control of the parameters means better protection.

IT DEPENDS. Having more granular filtering parameters certainly gives you more flexibility to personalize your filtering preference, but at a cost. The risk is in the time spent personalizing. Sure, you could spend 3 hours a day crafting rules that address problems and be perfectly content. But if you’re lacking the time to babysit your filtering, this time sink is not an acceptable tradeoff.

Myth #4: All quarantined emails should be reviewed.

FALSE. When a filtering solution has been set up correctly, you shouldn’t feel the need to check the quarantine daily. Checking the quarantine too frequently is a sign of False Positives, either real or imagined, and should be taken as an indication that something isn’t right.

Myth #5: Spam filtering is complicated.

TRUE. This one is kinda true. Email filtering done properly is complicated. Letting all good emails through while blocking all bad emails is a tough challenge. That doesn’t mean it has to be tough on your users or your IT team. The right email filtering solution should give you enough control to personalize your experience but not overwhelm you with too many options.

Looking for an email security solution that busts bad emails like we’ve busted these myths? Consider Zerospam.

Zerospam is the only cloud-based email security protection providing an unparalleled, AI-powered filtering technology, engineered by experts to be highly accurate and remarkably simple to use. The Zerospam solution was created for small and medium businesses and enterprise customers across North America and beyond because we care about safety in an era of unprecedented cyber risk to your #1 communication method.

Chances are you’ll never know. But if you do a basic Google search for email floods (or email bombs), you’ll see that there are tons of tools online that make launching these types of attacks extremely easy – even if you have virtually no technical skills.

Your IT folks aren’t too sure what to do with this mess, so they call the email security provider. They explain the issue to the provider’s level 1 techs, but when they send in the sample, the provider says the sample isn’t malicious, so there’s nothing it can do. Meanwhile, your productive Monday morning is quickly slipping away. These 428 emails might not contain malware – thankfully – but they are preventing you from getting anything done.

The IT team tries to help by suggesting you unsubscribe from all these mailing lists, but you have no idea how many lists you’ve been subscribed to. How long will this unsubscribing process take? Two hours? Two weeks?

What’s going through your mind at this moment is that surely there has to be an easier way of surviving a mail bomb.

I wish I could say I have an easy fix, but it would require absolutely everyone using a double-opt-in and a CAPTCHA in their subscription forms. Sadly, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

But I can make sure you never fall victim to another subscription bomb ever again. Zerospam’s CARE team has seen these attacks before and can quickly take steps to block all such emails.

Yes, you might temporarily miss out on your Pinterest newsletter, but at least you can get back to work!

After all, it’s easier to re-subscribe to a handful of wanted newsletters than to manually unsubscribe from hundreds.

Ready to have an email provider that cares about your productivity?