Smaller quarantines means improved productivity

Small, Manageable Quarantines

ZEROSPAM rejects a very large percentage of incoming email connections thanks to its elaborate system of SMTP checks. A series of more than 15 different integrity and authentication checks enable ZEROSPAM to identify unwanted connections with a high degree of certainty. This first filtering stage is called envelope filtering. These connections are bounced which dramatically reduces the size of the quarantine.

All cloud Anti-Spam providers bounce a percentage of incoming email. However, ZEROSPAM has developed many more envelope authentification checks than other providers. When migrated from other Anti-Spam solutions, customer invariably report that they notice the ZEROSPAM quarantine is much smaller. Up to 90% of all incoming email is rejected based on envelope filtering. The outcome details for each and every connection from the last 30 days can easily be searched in the Cumulus message log.

Smaller quarantines are much easier to manage. And thanks to ZEROSPAM’s high accuracy rate, the quarantine rarely contain legitimate email, making it unnecessary for users to waste time sifting through a daily quarantine digest.

By default, the ZEROSPAM quarantine is centralized which is proven as both safer and more productive, but Individual quarantines accounts are also fully supported. These can be created manually or through a self-subscripton mode. When the ZEROSPAM interface is synchronized with LDAP, individual quarantine accounts for all users can also be created automatically, although this option is not what we recommend.

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" I just love not having to take care of spam. That's the way I want it. "

- N. Bouvrette Hector