SLA Details

SLA details

SLA on availability and spam catch rate

Our SLA is one of the strongest in the industry. We provide a system availability uptime of 99.99%.

Service availability commitment

ZEROSPAM guarantees that the service will be available 99.99% of the time in any given month during the Contract period. Service availability is defined as:

  1. the ability to receive client’s inbound email;
  2. the ability to filter this email flow;
  3. the ability to relay filtered email to the client’s gateway.


If the availability of the ZEROSPAM service should fall below 99.99%, the client would be entitled to a credit. For a period of unavailability of less than 5% in a given month, the unavailability period would be converted into a percentage and this percentage would be applied to the monthly service fees. The amount of the credit would thus be equal to the value of the service during the unavailability period. If, in a given month, the service should be unavailable for a period of more than 5% of the time, the client would then receive a credit equivalent to the value of the service fees for one complete month. The value of credits extended to clients can in no way exceed the value of the ZEROSPAM service fees.

Catch rate commitment

On a monthly basis, ZEROSPAM shall maintain a spam catch rate of 97% of all email relayed to the client gateway on a filtered domain. As far as email containing Asian characters is concerned, ZEROSPAM shall maintain a spam catch rate of 95%. The catch rate is calculated as follows: the total number of spam messages delivered to a client’s inboxes divided by the total number of connection attempts* (this includes both legitimate and undesirable messages) recorded during a one-month period. The total number of false negatives reported to ZEROSPAM during the incriminating period will be considered to be the total number of spam messages having been delivered to this client’s inboxes.


If the ZEROSPAM catch rate should fall below the specified levels, the client will receive a credit equivalent to a percentage of the ZEROSPAM service fees calculated as follows:

spam catch rate credit percentage
97 % to 100 % 0 $
95 % to 96.9 % 10 %
90 % to 94.9 % 50 %
89.9 % or less 100 %

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" At BZ Inc. we started using ZEROSPAM in March 2015. Today, we have about over 4000 filtered mailboxes. We find the service very satisfying, their team competent and the solution easy to use. Our clients are extremely pleased and the solution has been advantageous. "

- R. Delisle BZ Inc