Cloud Anti-Spam : Safer and Lighter


Safer and lighter cloud based spam blocker

Cloud antispam solutions deliver many tangible benefits over appliance-based solutions such as Barracuda. These can be classified in 2 categories: resource savings and improved security.

Improved security

Unparalleled service availability

With an appliance-based solution, you have a single point of failure unless you double your investment. Cloud Anti-Spam solutions are usually provided through a large network of fail-over servers ensuring unbeatable service availability.

Incoming email is safe, even if disaster strikes

If Internet connectivity is lost or if there is a power failure, incoming email cannot be queued on an appliance. With a cloud Anti-Spam provider, email will be safely stored in the cloud until the customer’s infrastructure is up and running again, letting clients enjoy better protection against email loss.

Email attacks won’t impact email delivery

If an email server is under attack, an Anti-Spam appliance can become overloaded and start creating delays in email delivery. If the attack is fierce, email delivery can stop altogether. With a cloud Anti-Spam solution, the vendor’s network will absorb the traffic peak. The attack will go unnoticed on the client side and email delivery won’t be affected.

Network perimeter protection

Messages containing viruses, malware and other dangerous content are eliminated in the cloud, before they reach the client’s infrastructures. Only clean email is delivered to the client’s network.

Incoming messages can be restricted to a single trusted source

When there is a cloud Anti-Spam vendor in the picture, best practice is to restrict acceptance of incoming email to messages coming from their network. That way, every message reaching the client’s network has first been scanned by an email security solution and spammers can no longer attack the client’s IP address directly. Ensuring that email communications are no longer accepted from the Internet at large provides another layer of security.

Resource savings

No up-front purchase and no hot replacement fees

With an Anti-Spam appliance, there is an initial up-front hardware acquisition cost plus recurring licensing and update fees. Anti-Spam solutions are billed on a per user basis and usually pricing scales down according to the size of the organization. Plus, since cloud Anti-Spam solutions provide built-in redundancy, there is no need to pay for hot replacement.

OPEX instead of CAPEX

Buying an Anti-Spam appliance is a capex expenditure that cannot be fully deducted in the period when it was incurred. But cloud Anti-Spam subscription fees are an operating expenses that allow clients a full deduction in the accounting period during which the cost was incurred. When you manage tight IT budgets, this can make all the difference.

Easy installation

An Anti-Spam appliance must be installed and configured. And it runs on the client’s server, using CPU, electrical power and physical space. With a cloud Anti-Spam solution, activation comes down to a simple modification of the MX records. There is no installation and initial configuration is usually very simple. Nothing at all runs on the client’s infrastructure.

Low maintenance

A good quality cloud Anti-Spam solution should require very little management whereas Anti-Spam appliances must be updated regularly to maintain their efficiency level.

Significant bandwidth savings

Spam and harmful messages delivery can represent up to 50% of your bandwidth usage. With cloud Anti-Spam solutions, only a flow of clean email is delivered to your server, completely eliminating bandwidth waste.

Increased email server efficiency

With current spam levels around 67%, cloud Anti-Spam solutions eliminate 4 connections out of 10 in the cloud. This reduces the email server’s load which in turns increases it’s efficiency and lifetime.

Email without the headaches

A good cloud Anti-Spam provider has all the email diagnosis tools on hand and should provide top-notch technical support which will help easily troubleshoot and resolve any email issue.

The ZEROSPAM Advantage


The ZEROSPAM network is comprised of over 20 filtering nodes hosted in 3 different data centers, all located in Canada, therefore ensuring complete service availability. To have redundancy with Barracuda, you need to buy 2 machines or pay for their instant Replacement service.

Incoming email is safe

If there is a problem with the client’s infrastructures, their incoming email is automatically spooled on our servers free of charge for 5 days and the client is notified. For longer outages, on-demand email continuity can be configured rapidly.


ZEROSPAM always uses opportunistic TLS for every SMTP connection. So when TLS is enabled on the sending or destination server, communications will be encrypted during transport, ensuring full confidentiality during transit. ZEROSPAM can also force TLS for outbound communications with certain destination servers to comply with special requirements of customers in the financial sector.

Easy installation

ZEROSPAM is really plug and play. With easy declarative licensing, default centralized quarantines and no spam dial, everything will run smoothly from Day 1.

Low maintenance

Using ZEROSPAM means completely outsourcing the spam problem to a competent specialist and being left with almost no management. We understand that you need the kind of protection that will help you relax and concentrate on your business goals. So every aspect of our solution has been engineered to make things as easy as possible for you and your users. Find out more .

Email without the headaches

At ZEROSPAM, we understand the key role email plays in your daily business operations and we go out of way to make sure your email is safe and running smoothly. SMTP is a second language to our team of experienced support specialists who are trained to deliver quick, competent and courteous support to all our customers. Find out more .

ZEROSPAM centralized quarantine vs Barracuda individual quarantine

Barracuda creates individual quarantine accounts for every user. This is a security concern as individual users are notorious for releasing spam, phishing and even dangerous executable files that can infect their computer and cause network problems. Plus, it is a huge waste of time since users will scan their daily quarantine digest every day, which takes about 2 minutes. In a 100 users organizations, this represents 100 hours/month of lost productivity. ZEROSPAM allows administrators to select users who can be trusted with a quarantine account.

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" With our new Office 365 and Exchange-online practice, we’re recommending to every customer that they add ZEROSPAM. We can sign up many customers, we can get them up and running very quickly and on-going management is almost as simple as sending them the bill. Convincing customers to use a pretrial is actually very easy. Once you get somebody to experience that quality, that’s 90% of the sales cycle right there! "

- D. Scott, CTO EPIC Information Solutions