Performance you can trust

Proven Accuracy

The ZEROSPAM solution is tested on an on-going basis through the VBSpam Program since March 2012. Our catch-rate is usually above 99.9%.

ZEROSPAM's Average Catch Rate for the last 10 tests: 99.89%

Catch-rate for the 10 tests ended:

Dec 2019 99.85 %
Jun 2019 99.90 %
Mar 2019 99.92 %
Dec 2018 99.90 %
Sep 2018 99.88 %
Jun 2018 99.91 %
Mar 2018 99.64 %
Dec 2017 99.96 %
Sep 2017 99.98 %
Jun 2017 99.91 %

VB Spam Plus Awards - ZERO false positive (FPs)

On seven separate occasions, we have earned the prestigious VBSpam + Award which requires a minimum catch-rate of 99.5%, zero false positives and no more than 2.5% false positives among newsletters.

January 2013 September 2013 January 2014 July 2014 January 2015 November 2015 December 2019
VBSPam-Plus award VBSPam-Plus award VBSPam-Plus award VBSPam-Plus award VBSPam-Plus award VBSPam-Plus award

Virus Bulletin and the VBSpam evaluation program

Based in the UK, Virus Bulletin started in 1989 as a magazine dedicated to the detection and prevention of malware. The magazine quickly became an industry reference. For many years now, Virus Bulletin has also been providing independent tests and ratings for antivirus products. In 2009, the company launched VBSpam, a program that evaluates the performance of Anti-Spam solutions. This program enjoys considerable brand awareness and some of the leading companies in the Anti-Spam business take part in it. Participating providers who take part in the program pay to receive a live stream of email every two months. Virus Bulletin then determines each provider's catch-rate and false-positive rate and publishes results reports that are available free of charge.

For more details about VBSpam's testing and evaluations methodologies:

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" We have been amazed at how effective ZeroSpam has proven itself to be. (...) We have tested many Anti-spam solutions and yours blew us away. It works, and requires very little time to manage the quarantine. Our clients will be significantly safer and we have you to thank. You have truly impressed us. "

- S. Seargeant Microage Kingston