Outbound filtering

Outbound email anti-spam filter

The threat of an infected PC sending spam and viruses is a real one. The typical scenario is that one or several PCs are compromised through email, the Web or an infected USB drive. These machines then become spam-sending zombies. Zombies are compromised computers used by spammers who link similarly infected machines into networks called botnets. The botnet controller can orchestrate the activities of these hacked computers remotely and most of the time, the organization that owns the compromised computer is totally unaware of it. Among other things, the controller can send spam from your infrastructure to your contacts or to unknown parties, all in your name!

Many organizations have discovered the benefits of outbound filtering after falling victim to that kind of situation. In the event of a breach, ZEROSPAM can recommend experts to identify the compromised computers and clean them up. Once the network has been sanitized, outbound filtering can be configured so the client will find out if one of their workstation gets hacked and avoid ending up on a blacklist.

The ideal configuration involves using a reputable third party sender for commercial emailing, emailing only to opt-in recipients and using an excellent Anti-Spam service with great virus and malware protection for inbound and outbound filtering to protect your reputation and capacity to relay email.

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