No spam Dial

Would not it be the best solution for your Anti-Spam solution? Would not you like to get as close to that ideal as possible without having any settings? That's what ZEROSPAM delivers!

It's not that complicated to block all spam. What's hard to do while doing so? This is a huge challenge and a job that should be left to your Anti-Spam provider. Frustrated customers migrated from other anti-spam solutions. Choosing a higher degree of filtering leads to a greater degree of success.

The ZEROSPAM solution does not come with a spam dial. We know what setting you want. And we are striving to deliver each and every one of them.

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" With our new Office 365 and Exchange-online practice, we’re recommending to every customer that they add ZEROSPAM. We can sign up many customers, we can get them up and running very quickly and on-going management is almost as simple as sending them the bill. Convincing customers to use a pretrial is actually very easy. Once you get somebody to experience that quality, that’s 90% of the sales cycle right there! "

- D. Scott, CTO EPIC Information Solutions