Feedback Loop and Constantly Updated Rules

Feedback loop and constantly updated rules

With it’s vast feedback loop and the agility of it’s rule crafting team, ZEROSPAM bridges the gap very quickly between exposure to and protection from zero-day threats. This is done in an entirely transparent manner, without requiring updates or any intervention on the customer’s part.

In the medical world, vaccines for new emerging forms of viruses cannot be created until the virus has been singled out and analysed. The same goes for email security. No Anti-Spam solution can guarantee foolproof protection against new unidentified viruses and malware. These Zero-Day threats are a major concern since protection depends on the release of new antivirus signatures. In this fight, time is of the essence. And that is precisely where the ZEROSPAM feedback loop and diligent rule-master team makes all the difference.

Customers can easily download and install a plugin for Outlook that enables them to report undetected spam with a single mouse click. Because of the wide ZEROSPAM customer base, hundreds of thousands of users contribute to this feedback loop so new virus and malware campaigns are identified very quickly. Our team of experienced and creative rule meisters treats these undetected messages on an on-going basis, quickly creating new rules or modifying existing ones to block the new campaign. This agility often enables ZEROSPAM to block new forms of malware and viruses 24 to 48 hours before virus signature updates are available.

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