A set and forget email security solution

Ease of use

Easy to use anti-spam with ZEROSPAM cumulus client interface

Easy quarantine management

The ZEROSPAM quarantines are smaller and thus easier to manage because they only contain about 10% of the spam detected, which are the only ones that might be interesting. It also contains a lot of valuable information to enable clients to quickly determine whether a message is legitimate or not such as:

  • Quick mouse-over view of the first few lines of each message
  • Detailed information in the From field highlighting the difference between the real sending address and the declared sending address
  • Visual clues alerting clients to the presence of phishing messages and messages containing dangerous executable files

No spam dial

Some solutions enable clients to play around with a spam dial to set the level of filtering. We think customers want all their spam filtered and all their legitimate email delivered. So that’s what we try to do for every customer by adjusting our own systems to new campaigns and new detection techniques. You won’t have to play around with any spam dial. Because that’s our job.

Easy declarative licencing

When you sign-on with ZEROSPAM, you don’t need to define the list of your users or to enter their address in our interface. By default, all existing valid addresses on your domain will be filtered. Billing is based on your declared number of mailboxes which should exclude aliases and distribution lists. Our customers are required to update that number once a year so billing can be adjusted to their changing reality.

What happens when you add a user? Nothing. You don’t need to notify us and there is nothing you are required to do so this new address will be filtered. No hassle and no micro billing adjustments.

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" Since we started using ZEROSPAM, we no longer have any problems with legitimate emails being blocked unlike our previous solution. We also made the decision to use ZEROSPAM's centralized quarantine. With our old solution, a quarantine was automatically generated for every user which resulted in a lot of wasted time and unnecessary calls. I am extremely pleased with the change to ZEROSPAM. "

- Steve Joyal, Head of the IT department FTQ