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Highly redundant DNS hosting service

Highly redundant DNS hosting

Your uninterrupted presence on the Internet depends on the reliability of your DNS service. If, for some reason, your DNS service is unavailable, or it sends incorrect information, your website will go down and you will not be able to receive emails. That is why DNS is such a critical service.

Therefore, you need a provider you can trust. Various types of providers offer DNS services, such as Web hosts, Telcos, consultants, website developers, etc. Offering DNS services is not very complicated. The tricky part is redundancy.

In fact, to ensure security and availability, your DNS service must be redundant across several independent servers on separate networks. If your DNS provider's network goes down, your DNS service will then be provided by one of their alternative networks. That way, your website and email service will not be interrupted.

Your DNS provider must also have the technical expertise to properly manage the service and should be able to make any changes that you request as soon as possible. These basic principles may seem obvious, yet many providers simply subcontract their DNS offering. They have no direct control over the service, and often have a very poor grasp of it.

The table below outlines the dangers of using a DNS provider that does not adhere to these basic criterion:

Risk factor Consequences
The service provider does not host DNS himself but subcontracts to a third party. The provider does not control the frequency of updates and will not be able to take appropriate action if there are problems. Human errors may cause websites, email services and FTP services to go down.
The service provider does not host DNS himself but subcontracts to a third party who, in turn, subcontracts to another provider. In reality, the actual service provider's offices may be in a different time zone or even on another continent. The problems above are amplified. Due to this series of subcontractors, service is slow and complicated.When you need to make changes to your DNS zone, these will be slow, complicated and may even prove impossible. Which means you will have lost control of your precious DNS zone.
All DNS servers are on the same network. If there is an interruption on your provider's network, your Web site, email and FTP service will go down.
Little or no technical support. Little or no advice on DNS changes requested by the customer that may be unadvisable. For example, a customer may want to publish an incorrect SPF record; if the DNS provider is not competent, they will not notice the mistake.

The solution: ZEROSPAM's highly redundant DNS service!

ZEROSPAM's DNS service is completely redundant on five Tier-1 providers on the Internet backbone. By signing up for this service, you will enjoy the advantages of ZEROSPAM's diversified, highly redundant infrastructure, which increases DNS security and efficiency. We offer primary and secondary DNS services as well as professional technical support. ZEROSPAM has the expertise to manage complex DNS configurations and its team is able to quickly take action if there's an emergency. The DNS service is offered on a temporary or long-term basis starting at $35 a month per domain, regardless of traffic. Put your mind at ease by protecting your Internet applications with ZEROSPAM's highly redundant DNS service. Contact us to ask for a service offer.

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