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The ZEROSPAM quarantine offers full granularity and total control. Administrators have a centralized view of the quarantine and can release legitimate messages that may have been blocked for any users. Individual quarantine accounts are also fully supported. For a limited number of accounts, manual creation is the best options. To enable all users to manage their quarantine, Cumulus offers a self-subscribe or automatic creation mode. Find out more about the ZEROSPAM quarantine.

Individual users can request a daily quarantine digest sent by email in their profile. The ZEROSPAM quarantine enables users to see the first few lines of a message simply by mousing over the subject line which is generally enough to make a decision as to whether or not the message is legitimate. The message can also be viewed in detail, with or without headers and images.


It contains visual clues alerting users to the presence of a banned file (B) or phishing attempt (P), so they will be more cautious before releasing the message.


SMTP logs for the last 30 days can easily be searched in Cumulus enabling administrators to clearly determine the filtering status (passed or blocked) of each message. The logs also show the delivery status for legitimate messages (successful or failed delivery because of issues on the client server side) and detailed information on the reason for all SMTP bounces.

Cumulus enables delivery to several servers in a fail-over or load-balancing mode. Administrators can easily change the destination gateway and even put trafic on hold while they perform maintenance on their server.

All changes to the parameters as well as administrator sessions are audited in Cumulus so larger organizations can easily determine exactly who did what and when if they are confronted with a problem.

Detailed statistical reports are automatically populated once a week in the Cumulus interface. These reports can be sent by email to any address added in the interface. Weekly reports aggregate into monthly reports and clients with several domains can also view consolidated statistical reports.

Cumulus Stats

Stats report sample

Cumulus provides all the functionalities that administrators require while being user-friendly enough to easily be managed by non-technical individuals. For more information you can check our the knowledge base.

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" Since we started using ZEROSPAM, we no longer have any problems with legitimate emails being blocked unlike our previous solution. We also made the decision to use ZEROSPAM's centralized quarantine. With our old solution, a quarantine was automatically generated for every user which resulted in a lot of wasted time and unnecessary calls. I am extremely pleased with the change to ZEROSPAM. "

- Steve Joyal, Head of the IT department FTQ