Your communications privacy is our concern


Email is sent on the Internet in clear text, like a postcard. The content of most email is not encrypted and administrators working for the various Internet service providers along the email path could theoretically read the messages that go through their network. ZEROSPAM uses TLS to protect the confidentiality of your email messages in transit. TLS can also be forced for outbound messages sent to key partners.

The ZEROSPAM filtering process is executed at lightning speed by our systems and no information is stored except for the communication logs and the quarantined messages. Quarantined messages reside on the ZEROSPAM servers but since the FP rate is very low  these rarely contain legitimate messages. ZEROSPAM administrators only access quarantined messages as they are required to do so in order to answer technical support requests. Communication logs only contain information regarding the date and time of email reception and delivery and filtering and delivery results.

Written commitment

ZEROSPAM also guarantees in writing that none of its customers' email will be recorded, archived or reproduced. ZEROSPAM also guarantees in writing to protect the confidentiality of its clients' list of electronic addresses and will not disclose, share or sell them to a third party. This clause is included in ZEROSPAM's Terms of Service agreement, which is sent to all customers when they sign-up for the free trial.

Trustworthy administrators

All our system administrators are required to undergo rigorous background security checks, including criminality checks. Furthermore, they must abide by ZEROSPAM's strict code of ethics. It is also reassuring to know that ZEROSPAM is managed by certified security professionals who have CISSP credentials from ISC2.

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