Choose a service that can withstand a nuclear attack

Built-in Failover Redundancy

With up over 20 filtering nodes housed in 3 different data centers, and a system of 3 MX records assigned to each customer, the ZEROSPAM solution offers unfailing service availabilty. The kind that simply can't be replicated by even the largest organizations.

The ZEROSPAM data centers are all located in Canada

Network topology

Network topology

All of these data centers are under 24/7 electronic surveillance. They have a high bandwidth capacity and use Border Gateway Protocol to route email using high-speed redundant links on the backbone of the Internet. ZEROSPAM's filters are secure, equipped with fault-tolerant devices, and are constantly monitored.

Every customer is given a set of 3 MX records with different priorities. Each MX record points to a different data center. This built-in redundancy ensures unfailing service availability. Therefore, in the unlikely event of a server malfunction, email would simply be delivered to the next priority MX record. In fact, an entire data center could experience an outage without any impact on email delivery since incoming messages would automatically be routed to a server located in a different data center.

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