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Studies predict that overall data will grow 50 times by 2020. In today’s world of information overload where most key communications are exchanged through email, organizations need to be able to preserve, protect and save data that has value to them. They also need to efficiently retrieve specific information when the need arises. In certain industries, organizations also have specific retention obligations, because they need to comply with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PIPEDA or the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA). The need for archiving just keeps growing and this market is expanding at a rate of 12% a year.


The purpose of a Cloud Archiving service is to provide an off-site dedicated and secure storage environment where your precious data won’t be lost or damaged if disaster strikes your production environment. The ZEROSPAM Archive enables clients to quickly and fully restore archived data. It is optimized for long-term data retention, security, and compliance with data regulation policies.

The advantages of cloud archiving are clear when you look at the cost of implementation and physical maintenance of on-site archiving, especially for organizations with large data retention obligations requirements. Ownership of private archive infrastructure can be costly and management-intensive. By contrast, cloud archiving is easy to install, very light and requires no maintenance.


  • Clients who must comply with specific retention requirements (for instance, government organizations and companies in the financial and healthcare sectors).
  • Large enterprise customers who need to manage complex HR situations.
  • Clients who handle large documents and/or are likely to face litigation (construction firms, worker’s unions, real estate companies, and media organizations).
  • Customers who have frequent and key eDiscovery needs (like law firms).
  • Customers who have disparate on-premise data silos (AD, PSTs, legacy archives files) that they need to consolidate in a centralized, easily searchable repository.
  • Organizations who don’t want to delete their important information but who are faced with storage problems due to the growing amount of their legacy data.


  • Unlimited storage for eternity for one simple price.
  • Deep, fast and powerful search tools that retrieve results even with approximate spelling.
  • Mailbox archiving as opposed to journaling which is used by most competitors (preserves user’s file structure and archives all the meta-data). Journal archiving is also available for customers who need to search recent messages.
  • Optional indexing of shared file storage servers for quick and easy searches.
  • Reliability and the guaranteed preservation of 100% of your data with a 99.9% uptime guaranteed by our SLA.
  • Can enable Office 365 customers to save money, increase the power of their search tools and easily ensure preservation of accidentally or intentionally deleted emails and files by migrating to a lower-end license and using ZEROSPAM Archive.
  • Data sovereignty (offered in Canada, the US and Germany).
  • Data sovereignty can protect your archived data from searches performed without your knowledge by US government agencies under the US Patriot Act.
  • Optional easy Outlook plugin.
  • Simple Low Pricing - one yearly low price for all infrastructure, application services, and data access.
  • Data is consolidated in a single, universal repository using XML, a vendor-neutral format so customers can easily transition to another archiving solution if the need arises.

To find out more about the ZEROSPAM Archive, call (514) 527-3232, ext. 202 or 1 888 990-7726, ext. 202.

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