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Agile Service-Oriented Team

At ZEROSPAM, we see ourselves as your partner on the email path. We understand the key role email plays in your daily business operations and we go out of way to make sure your email is safe and running smoothly. Our experienced support specialists speak SMTP as a second language and are trained to deliver quick, competent and courteous support to all customers.

We don’t believe in call queues, in outsourcing support to foreign countries, in asking customers to fill out a form to connect with our support team or in answering the majority of requests using pre-formatted generic email replies. We believe in taking the time to fully analyze a situation in order to provide clear, exact, complete and helpful answers. There's no ZEROSPAM call centre. Our qualified technicians can easily be reached by phone, email or chat to help customers solve a variety of email issues.

Email has become a complex ecosystem and even seasoned system administrators sometimes need help to publish a valid and helpful SPF record, validate if an email server is TLS-enabled, resolve DNS synchronization issues, adequately protect their electronic reputation, respect RFC recommendations and determine the exact reason why an email reputedly sent has not been received. Our team’s mission is to troubleshoot these issues with you in the most helpful manner possible. When you migrate to ZEROSPAM, they will also guide you and accompany you each step of the way to make sure the transition is painless for you and your users.

This level of service does not go unnoticed.

''In my opinion, one of ZEROSPAM's key strengths is their technical expertise and the service that comes with it. It's a precious advantage that really sets them apart from other providers. Dealing with professionals who can give you clear and precise explanations when there is an issue... it’s priceless. I can then go back to my customers and tell them EXACTLY what is happening with their email.''
F. Lessard, Novacom Experts Inc.

“What I appreciate most since switching to ZEROSPAM is the level of service they provide. Now, we can actually talk to someone on the phone if there's a question or a problem which was simply impossible with POSTINI. The ZEROSPAM team is also very helpful if an email issue requires special attention. Even if it's not directly related to the antispam, their staff will take the time to help us troubleshoot problems and find solutions.''
G. Loignon, co-founder and IT Manager at Girafe Conseils Inc.

‘‘Aside from the efficiency of their solution, what I like the most about the ZEROSPAM solution is their personalized client service.''
J. Binette, Service Manager, DL Group 

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" ZEROSPAM is fantastic for people who aren't IT experts, because there's absolutely nothing to manage and it works extremely well. "

- C. Martin Horizon Lussier