ZEROSPAM is a COMPLETE, DEADLY accurate and UTTERLY simple cloud email security solution


Secure business email protection solution

No wonder appliance-based Anti-Spam solutions are rapidly loosing ground. Today’s customers don’t want to waste their precious IT team’s time managing yet another piece of equipment. Plus, they want to take advantage of the increased security, flexibility and savings that cloud solutions provide.

The ZEROSPAM difference

Filtering architecture

ZEROSPAM uses a unique, proprietary and multi-layered filtering architecture based on state-of-the-art technology and constantly evolving detection techniques.

The CUMULUS portal and quarantine

Customers can manage ZEROSPAM using a fully bilingual and highly intuitive web interface called Cumulus. Cumulus enables administrators to easily peruse the quarantine and the communication logs as well as modify the filtering parameters such as whitelists and blacklists and configure more advanced functions such as LDAP synchronization, single sign-on and access security policies.