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PROVENCHER ROY Customer testimonial :

“We've noticed a significant difference in quality when we migrated from Barracuda to ZEROSPAM. Considering their effectiveness at blocking spam, the excellent support service we've received, the fact that ZEROSPAM is a specialized vendor that had the expertise to solve our phishing problem, the fact that it’s a Canadian business, switching to ZEROSPAM was a very good decision for Provencher Roy” - G.  Beauchamp, IT Manager

Business Requirements

After 5 years of using a Barracuda Anti-Spam appliance, the Provencher Roy architectural firm wanted to improve detection of phishing emails that were reaching their users in spite of the Barracuda filters. Since his Barracuda renewal date was coming up, Mr. Beauchamp, IT Manager, decided to evaluate a new solution. Ideally, this solution would require less management time and offer better detection of phishing messages and spam in general. Unfortunately, phishing emails were not the only type of undesirable messages plaguing his users.

The solution

Mr. Beauchamp was aware of ZEROSPAM’s excellent reputation and decided to take advantage of the 30 day free trial. The difference was immediate. According to Mr. Beauchamp: "US solutions seem to have a hard time detecting French phishing attempts targeting Canadian financial institutions like Desjardins.” The ZEROSPAM solution integrates a specialized anti-phishing layer that is highly effective against Canadian phishing messages. As soon as service was activated, Provencher Roy’s phishing problem was a thing of the past. The client also noticed an improvement in overall spam detection. “The level of improvement we saw both in terms of catch-rate and overall filtering was surprising, comments Mr. Beauchamp. We immediately noticed a much lower level of spam and our biggest problem, spear-phishing, was basically solved overnight."

Mr. Beauchamp was equally happy with the quality of the technical support he received from ZEROSPAM, stating: “My requests were always answered promptly and in French, which was not the case before. I even had to call outside of business hours and, thanks to ZEROSPAM’s emergency support line, I was able to get help very quickly.

Key benefits

Reduced Management Time

The Provencher Roy IT team had to spend several hours each week managing their Barracuda appliance. Undetected spam and phishing emails reported by their users generated a lot of help requests and caused them to constantly try to improve the appliance’s configuration. Now that Anti-Spam management is completely outsourced, they save a lot of precious time.

Overall spam level reduction

The second most important advantage was the reduction in the global spam volume, including phishing emails, that was getting through to Provencher Roy’s users. They now enjoy a clean flow of email and no longer have to complain to their IT team about undetected spam or blocked legitimate messages. Plus, they no longer run the risk of clicking on dangerous links or opening harmful attachments.

Peace of mind

The Provencher Roy team can now call technical support anytime and get quick and competent answers in English and in French. Knowing that their most critical communication application is well protected, they are now free from what used to be a constant concern.

About Provencher Roy Architects

Provencher Roy, dominant player in the urban architecture in Canada, is a multidisciplinary firm offering services in architecture, architectural planning, urban design and urban planning, landscape, interior design, industrial design and sustainable development. The firm brings together more than 200 passionate professionals working in all areas of the environment built in Canada and abroad.


ZEROSPAM is the only 100 % Canadian pure-play Cloud Anti-Spam vendor. Highly effective and very user-friendly, ZEROSPAM blocks every type of harmful and undesirable email including spear phishing, ransomware such as CryptoWall and CryptoLocker, spam, messages containing dangerous links and harmful attachments, viruses and phishing. ZEROSPAM’s unique approach to quarantine management protects organizations from the weakest link in their security chain: the individual user. The ZEROSPAM solution is supported by a team of email security specialists dedicated to customer service excellence.


  • 99.9% VBSpam-proven catch rate
  • Very low false positive rate
  • Superior detection of Canadian phishing attempts
  • Advanced spear-phishing detection
  • Superior protection against ransomware and harmful attachments
  • Safer and lighter than an appliance-based or software-based Anti-Spam
  • Includes 2 antivirus agents
  • TLS is fully supported for confidentiality during transport