Testimonial from a trusted reseller

The situation

After through analysis, COBI decided to migrate all their POSTINI clients to ZEROSPAM.

The solution

“What I appreciate most since switching to ZEROSPAM is the level of service they provide. Now, we can actually talk to someone on the phone if there’s a question or a problem which was simply impossible with Postini. The ZEROSPAM team is also very helpful if an email issue requires special attention. Even if it's not directly related to the antispam, their staff will take the time to help us troubleshoot problems and find solutions. Their licensing system is also much simpler! We no longer have to add and remove licenses every time there is a change in one of our client's address list! The info is updated once a year and that's it! The old system was really a waste of time for the customers and for us.
We love the ZEROSPAM client interface, which is much simpler, easier to manage. Our clients have less spam and the ZEROSPAM quarantines are also significantly smaller, which makes them more manageable. All in all, switching was an excellent move.
- G. Loignon, COBI

About Cobi

Cobi is a leading IT support and solutions provider that helps managers and their organizations leverage information technologies into tangible results. For over 20 years, Cobi has been working in close partnership with it's SMB customers and has become an important player in their regional market. Their consulting services in IT infrastructures and office automation tools are fueled by dynamic project management and focused on the client's needs.


ZEROSPAM is a leading Canadian based cloud email filtering solution that is complete, simple and highly efficient. With a proven catch-rate of 99.9%, a technical support service unlike any other and a user-friendly client interface, ZEROSPAM has been winning clients over, from large corporations to SMBs, since it was launched in 2003. On top of all the advantages of cloud-based email filtering solutions, ZEROSPAM also offers:

  • A unique trust-based approach to quarantine management
  • Flexible licensing terms
  • Optional greylisting
  • A highly efficient anti-phishing layer
  • Free monitoring of client gateways