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Frequently asked questions

See the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the free trial, service configuration, cost of the service and technical support.

How much does ZEROSPAM cost?

The cost is calculated based on the number of users and the number of domains being filtered. For direct customers, the ZEROSPAM license is billed on a yearly basis. Discounts are also available for multi-year licenses. The yearly / mailbox cost decreases with the size of the organization. For more detailed information about pricing, you can chat with one of our representatives by clicking on the Live Chat button at the top or click on the Request a quote button on the right. If you want to inquire about pricing to resell ZEROSPAM to your customers, fill out the Information Request Form or call 1 888 990-7726, extension 204.

Please describe the process of signing up to ZEROSPAM?

Step one is to fill out the Free Trial Request form. As soon as you do so, you will receive an automated confirmation email with all the information guiding you through the next steps. Our systems will first ensure that your email server accepts connections from our network. Next, the service will be configured on our end and you will receive instructions by email on where to point your domain's MX records. Once you have done so, you will receive an email letting you know that service is now active and you will receive your credentials for Cumulus, our management interface. This email will also contain links to training tutorials on the use of Cumulus. If you need to add outbound filtering, this service can be configured once inbound filtering has been activated.

How good are the ZEROSPAM filters?

ZEROSPAM is extremely accurate. It provides 99.9% detection against all undesirable and dangerous email messages such as ransomware and other malware, spear phishing, phishing, viruses, dangerous links, harmful attachments and good old spam. This 99.9% rating is actually a measure that comes from a reputed neutral third-party: Virus Bulletin. Find out more about the VBSpam Anti-Spam evaluation program and see ZEROSPAM's latest results here . But successfully blocking unwanted messages is only half the job. The other half is letting legimate messages for unhindered. ZEROSPAM also has a great track record in that respect. Find out more about ZEROSPAM's very low false positive rate .

Do you just block spam?

Our filters block the emails that you don't want. These include unsolicited commercial emails, spoofed emails, phishing, spear-phishing, worms, trojans, viruses, malware, and cryptolockers. All this falls under the category of spam.

How do I get technical support?

If you are a ZEROSPAM customer or reseller, you can get help very rapidly during regular business hours (from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST) in many different ways.

Telephone: 1 888 990-7726 and press 2 to speak to the first available technician
Email: noc at
Chat: use the Live Chat button at the top of the page
Report a problem form: Fill out the problem contact form

Outside of business hours, you can call our 24/7 technical emergency support line which was shared with you when you subscribed to ZEROSPAM.
The ZEROSPAM technical team is trained to offer accurate diagnosis and quick and clear answers. Find out more about our agile and responsive service-oriented team.

Do I have to install anything on my computer or server?

With ZEROSPAM, there is nothing to download, install or configure. The only thing you need to do in order to activate the service is to change your domain’s MX records to point to your personalized ZEROSPAM filters. Using Cumulus, our management interface, you will be able to make entries into your whitelist and blacklist, enable individual quarantine accounts and synchronize with LDAP.

Do I risk losing emails?

No. When you change your MX records to ZEROSPAM, there will be a propagation period during which some of your incoming messages will be delivered to your old MX records and some, to ZEROSPAM. Best practice is to lower the TTL (time to live) in your DNS zone to one hour or less before you change your MX records. That way, after an hour, when senders query your DNS zone to know where to deliver email, your old MX records information will no longer be cached and all your incoming messages will flow through ZEROSPAM before being delivered to your server.

Will there be a delivery delay because my email is filtered by ZEROSPAM?

No. In the cloud Anti-Spam business, delivery delays are unprofessional and should not be tolerated. If a message is legitimate, the ZEROSPAM architecture scans it and delivers within approximately 2 seconds. If something delays the treatment of a message, alarms are triggered so our team can attend to the problem immediately. On the contrary, email appliances can incur considerable delays in email delivery, especially when a domain is the target of an attack. Find out more about the many advantages of cloud Anti-Spam solutions.

Am I obligated to pay something at the end of the Free Trial?

No. You can enjoy a free 30 day no obligation trial. After 30 days, if you don’t want to subscribe to ZEROSPAM in a paying mode, all you need to do is change back your MX records to deactivate the service.

How can I trace a particular mail for which there is an issue?

When an incoming message reaches the ZEROSPAM network, there are 4 possible outcomes:

  • It can fail our SMTP checks and be bounced (find out more about envelope filtering)
  • It can be judged undesirable and quarantined based on content analysis
  • It can be destroyed if it contains a virus or if it has a very high spam score
  • Or it can be delivered to your gateway if it is legitimate.

Whatever the outcome, SMTP logs for the last 30 days can easily be searched in Cumulus enabling administrators to clearly determine the filtering status (passed or blocked) of each message. The logs also show the delivery status for legitimate messages (successful or failed delivery because of issues on the client server side) and detailed information on the reason for all SMTP bounces.

What happens if my usage is greater than my licence?

Nothing. When you sign-on with ZEROSPAM, you don’t need to define the list of your users or to enter their address in our interface. By default, all existing valid addresses on your domain will be filtered. Billing is based on your declared number of mailboxes which should exclude aliases and distribution lists. Our customers are required to update that number once a year so billing can be adjusted to their changing reality.

If you add a user, you don’t need to notify us and there is nothing you are required to do so this new address will be filtered. No hassle and no micro billing adjustments. However, our Terms of service do stipulate that anytime a customer’s number of mailboxes increases by 20% or more, the customer must notify ZEROSPAM immediately without waiting for his yearly update.

What happens if my email server is unavailable

Your precious incoming email will be safely queued on our infrastructures. If your email server goes down or can’t be reached because of network problems, ZEROSPAM continues to accept incoming email and stores it for later delivery. Incoming email is queued on the ZEROSPAM servers automatically and free of charge for 5 days. Plus, our team will proactively notify you of the outage. No email is lost and senders are unaware of the outage, as they do not receive a bounce message. Once your server is able to receive messages again, the queued email is delivered.

This store and forward function has another advantage: as ZEROSPAM accepts your incoming email, your IT team can do maintenance on your gateway without the risk of loosing precious inbound messages. In emergencies, contingency plans can be implemented so that you receive your most critical communications (fee-based service).

If the outage cannot be resolved quickly enough, customers can request our Email Continuity service.

Can ZEROSPAM view my emails?

An email spends on average 2 seconds on our infrastructure. It is scanned using an automated and secure process. Legitimate messages are promptly delivered to your server. No copy is kept. Legitimate messages are not read, archived or stored in any way. Quarantined messages (99.9% of them are spam) reside on our servers for a period of 7 to 30 days, depending on your parameters. Our technicians do not access quarantined messages except as required to answer support requests. When communicating with other servers, our service enables TLS encrypted communication and will only revert to clear-text when the other server doesn't support TLS. The only information about incoming email that is kept is the metadata in the logs.

What happens if I still receive spam after setting up ZEROSPAM?

Customers can easily download and install a plugin for Outlook that enables them to report undetected spam with a single mouse click. Our team of experienced and creative rule meisters treats these undetected messages on an on-going basis, quickly creating new rules or modifying existing ones to block the new campaign.

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