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Partner Success Story

Growing It Solutions Provider Selects Zerospam Over Barracuda.


Umbrella Technologies is a Quebec-based IT solutions provider that offers a range of high-level services based on a large business approach, deployed for small and medium sized enterprise customers. Umbrella offers a range of system administration services designed to help its customers increase productivity, improve project efficiency, and integrate new equipment and services.


For the past several years, Umbrella had standardized their email security with Barracuda’s Email Security Gateway which is one of the world’s largest email security vendors. For the past several years, Umbrella had been running two Barracuda virtual appliances to manage approximately 1,600 mailboxes on behalf of its customers. However, frustrated by the lack of product innovation and a fast approaching deadline to renew their contract, Umbrella decided the time was right to try a new approach, so they arranged for a brief pilot program with Zerospam.


Umbrella’s President Pier-Paul Lévesque began testing Zerospam on the Umbrella domain at the beginning of September, 2019. Within just a few weeks, Pier-Paul was so impressed by the Zerospam technology and technical support team that he decided to migrate all of their customers’ mailboxes to Zerospam, signing a reseller agreement in the process as well.

“We felt like Barracuda had stopped investing in its appliance-based solution and kept pushing us towards their cloud solution which just wasn’t the right fit for us. By contrast, the Zerospam team was incredibly responsive to our feedback and questions, making the decision to switch an easy one.”