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Partner Success Story

Protects Clients from Email Threats with Zerospam.


Kevin Thatcher founded Thatch Computer Consulting in 2002 to provide a range of managed IT services to businesses of all sizes. Now with a roster of more than 300 clients, Thatcher and his team of IT experts build and deploy customized IT solutions by evaluating and curating the market’s best network and security technologies to meet their evolving client requirements.


The Verizon Data Breach Report estimates that 90% of data breaches begin with a phishing email, making it the predominant attack vector. Over the years, Thatch has employed a variety of email filtering solutions to protect its clients’ email inboxes, concurrently hosting dozens of Exchange servers across the U.S. and Asia. With some of their clients receiving upwards of 400 pieces of junk and other email threats on a daily basis, Thatch needed a modern cloud-based solution that would automate the filtering of malicious emails, without yielding too many false positives.


Thatch discovered Zerospam in 2018 and upon deploying it with a handful of clients, saw fast results with the volume of junk emails plummeting from hundreds per day to practically zero. Thatch has been particularly impressed by Zerospam’s advanced machine learning capabilities. Since this time, Thatch has now wrapped Zerospam into its managed services program providing them with a unique integrated solution that helps differentiate their client service offerings.

“As an IT consulting firm we pride ourselves on not simply reselling third-party technologies but rather selecting the best solutions on behalf of our clients. With Zerospam, not only did our clients see an immediate and dramatic reduction in potential email threats, but it’s now one less thing our clients need to worry about – it’s truly become an indispensable tool in our technology toolbox.”