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Distributor Success Story

Leading Canadian IT Distributor Differentiates its Security Offering with Zerospam


‘Born in the cloud’, ITCloud.ca was established in 2005 to provide Cloud backup services in the form of supervised Cloud solutions to MSPs.  Boasting a network of over 1,000 partner-resellers country-wide and tens of thousands of daily backups, the organization ranks among the top service providers of secured cloud backup and AV solutions, as well as Microsoft cloud solutions.


IT channel distributors are always looking for ways to differentiate their service offerings to their partner network. As ITCloud’s Vice President Steve Noel will attest, there’s no shortage of technology vendors offering email filtering solutions in the market. And with so many choices, it’s imperative for distributors to truly understand the capabilities of each vendor’s technology in its portfolio. Competing in a market with razor thin margins, the ability to easily wrap value-added services around a product is both a challenge and an opportunity -- both as a way to improve profitability and distinguish a brand’s presence in a crowded market.


According to Noel, one of Zerospam’s most impressive benefits is that it just works, with minimal configuration required. Unlike other products in the market, ITCloud’s partners don’t have to worry about constantly tweaking the product. He also attests to the low rate of false positives and that Zerospam just “does a really good job stopping everything that needs to be stopped.” For partners that want to up the ante when it comes to email security, he says they would typically need to turn to a service like ATP from Microsoft but that with Zerospam they could get the same level of security at a significantly lower price point and very little configuration.

“The number one thing that caught my attention while speaking with partners was the fact that the product was dead simple and easy to use. It requires very little configuration – it’s the type of product where you can just set it and forget it.”