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Client Success Story

Canada’s Fastest Growing Law Firm Stays Productive with ZEROSPAM


Recognized as the fastest growing law firm in Canada with more than 500 employees, BCF Business Law is the go-to firm for business leaders, growing companies, and well-established global enterprises that have chosen Quebec and Canada as a stepping stone to growth and success.


In the legal industry, efficiency and time optimization allow for greater availability to help clients. Which is why BCF Business Law invests in technology so that their professional staff can stay on task -- wherever they might be working from. BCF had been a satisfied Zerospam customer for five years but in 2019, they decided to switch to a Fortune 500 security vendor as they were looking for tighter integration between their security systems. Within just a few months however, they were having a serious case of buyer’s remorse as their new tool required their systems administrator to spend an average of five hours per day to manage it. One reason for this was that incoming emails from senders without an SPF record were routed to a grey list where they would have to be released manually, delaying the receipt of important legitimate client emails. A high incidence of false positives was also frustrating BCF attorneys who were wasting time waiting to receive an email.


BCF’s CTO Marie Claire Garneau has come to truly appreciate the fact that Zerospam is focused on email security as well as the fact that its solution is continually improved both by the feedback it receives from its customers and by the company’s constant investment in the development of leading-edge technologies. Given the sensitivity of their client’s business, they also understood the critical importance of protecting their correspondence from a potential targeted attack. Mrs. Garneau has worked with enough email security tools to grasp the challenge of finding a solution that is both highly effective and simple to manage - which is why coming back to Zerospam was an easy decision, which has since been embraced by her IT staff and the professionals who rely mostly on email to stay productive.

“Good security should be transparent to the end-user, without adding an additional management layer to an already overburdened IT staff. Zerospam is always fast, accurate, and dead simple to manage.”