Office 365 and ZEROSPAM: The combined power of two great solutions.


Since its launch, Office 365 has proven to be a quick and easy way for organizations to migrate their email to the cloud. Using a professional email security solution on top of EOP (Exchange Online Protection) provides an additional layer of protection against today’s advanced threats.

ZEROSPAM quarantines malware propagated through disguised executable files and infected macros in Microsoft Office documents and scans every link to offer top protection against all forms of email-propagated ransomware. The ZEROSPAM centralized quarantine further protects customers against their own users so dangerous quarantined messages won’t be released.

Phishing and Spear phishing Protection

Special anti-phishing layer specific to banks, social media sites, Paypal and eBay. Excellent recognition of phishing messages. Advanced spearphishing protection included in the standard service cost.

Quarantine management

While individual quarantines are fully supported, the ZEROSPAM solution is based on self-subscription or manual creation of accounts for trusted users as opposed to automatic creation for everyone. This has proven to be safer, more productive and easier to manage for clients and resellers.

Spam Digests

ZEROSPAM enables each user with an individual quarantine account to request a daily spam digest in their profile.

Technical support and configuration

The ZEROSPAM default setting offers optimal detection. The solution is built to maintain this performance with little or no customer intervention. Technical support is agile, competent, responsive, thourough and fast and FP and FN issues can quickly be resolved.

Spam catch rate

ZEROSPAM has a proven catch rate of 99.9% and a very low FP rate. The performance of the solution is constantly validated by Virus Bulletin, a U.K.-based firm ranking email security vendors. This level of performance requires no special configuration.


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