Reseller FAQ

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Reseller FAQ

Do you have access to my customer data?

Absolutely! By logging in to your management interface, you can easily manage your organization as well as your customers. You have access to the quarantine, full communication logs, parameters, statistics, and user accounts for each client. You can also add new domains for existing customers or new customers directly in the interface.

How does ZEROSPAM compare to other cloud-based filtering services?

ZEROSPAM provides superior protection against ransomware and other malware, spear phishing, phishing and viruses at no extra cost. It has a proven 99.9% catch-rate and a very low FP rate. It is designed to be a set and forget solution and requires very little management. It is the most flexible quarantine options on the market. Find out more by reading about the ZEROSPAM difference.

Will ZEROSPAM contact my customers?

ZEROSPAM will NOT contact your customers directly. We totally respect your relationship with your customers and you are the customer. So unless you call us directly for support, we will never talk to you. And if they do so, we will ask them to you next time.

Do you have special offers?

Right off the beats, get a free trial on your own domain. We want you to experience your time with a time crunch. If you have a volume of 500 mailboxes or more, you can migrate to ZEROSPAM rapidly, we can build a special conversion for you. We also have an appliance buy-back program so you can get good money from this old Barracuda device. For more information on converting offers, please reach out to us.

How much can I make with ZEROSPAM?

You will start out making 30% and your margin will increase as your volume grows. Exact amounts depend on the size of your customers. As you reach higher third, your margin can grow to 50% and more.

How much technical implication does ZEROSPAM require?

Our interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. Your reseller account lets you manage all your customers. More, you do not have to play with any spam or try to create and manage anti-spam rules. We do all the heavy-lifting. Overall, learning to manage ZEROPSAM will only require about 4 hours of your time over a month.

Do you offer any training on ZEROSPAM?

Of course! We have both short and long versions of our pre-recorded training videos that you can watch any time. We can also invite you to a live WebEx where you can learn more about your talented technicians.

What kind of reseller is ZEROSPAM is looking for?

ZEROSPAM is looking for a partner with established VARs who have an existing customer portfolio, a well structured sales organization and who has the ability to quickly grow volume to 1000 mailboxes. If you are running an MSP operation, if you are currently reselling security and cloud services, then you should make IT decisions for 200 customers or more, we'd love to talk to you.

Does it work with Office 365?

Because it integrates seamlessly with Office 365 ZEROSPAM is a great upsell. Adding ZEROPSAM on top of Office 365 will help you increase your value.

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" At BZ Inc. we started using ZEROSPAM in March 2015. Today, we have about over 4000 filtered mailboxes. We find the service very satisfying, their team competent and the solution easy to use. Our clients are extremely pleased and the solution has been advantageous. "

- R. Delisle BZ Inc