How to resell ZEROSPAM

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How to resell

Reseller Program

Building a solid and growing recurring revenue business with ZEROSPAM is entirely within your reach if you have business customers and a little bandwith to add a new solution. Becoming an active authorized reseller will only require about a few hours of your time. We have an easy step-by-step process that will ensure your success.

Step 1 – First conversation to validate the business case

Is ZEROSPAM a good fit for your organization? Are there synergies, shared values, and compatibilities that clearly indicate a partnership would be mutually benefical? An initial conversation with our Channel Manager will enable us to understand your core business and goals and provide insight on how we can best work together. This initial conversation is a pre-requisite to become a ZEROSPAM partner.

Step 2 – Technical Validation

You’ve determined you WANT to resell ZEROSPAM. Great. Before you actually start investing resources in that new venture, you probably want to make sure our solution absolutely meets your technical, support and security requirements. A pilot is always the best validation so do put us to the test! Sign up for the ZEROSPAM free trial on your own domain or with a client domain to see for yourself how effective and easy to manage ZEROSPAM really is.

As a potential reseller, you are entitled to a free trial on all of the domains your organization is using for email. We want you to experience the quality of filtering we provide, the ease of use of our solution and the responsiveness of our support team. Because that will make a wonderful ZEROSPAM advocate out of you.

You'd like to put us to the test ?

If you don’t want to sign up your own domain, try ZEROSPAM on a customer domain. All of your customers are entitled to a free 30 day no obligation trial. And as you will rapidly see for yourself, 95% of them will sign on after the free trial.

Once you have a trial activated, our team will follow through with you with written communications, best practices, tips and a free 45 minutes Webex tutorial on the use of our interface. Individuals who will be the acting as ZEROSPAM administrators should attend this live training session, but the invitation is open to everyone wishing to get a thorough understanding of the ZEROSPAM interface.

Step 3 – Administrative on-boarding

The technical validation has been a success. You love the way ZEROSPAM works and you want to move forward. The next steps concerns the administrative aspects of our new relationship. You will be required to sign our reseller agreement, we will exchange information on billing and emergency support contacts and make sure you have and understand our current rate card. We will even provide you with a special URL to sign up your customers for the 30 day free trial to make sure they get assigned to your account. This is also where we answer any and all questions you may have about billing and payment methods.

Step 4 – Selling to your first customers

Now that you’re familiar with ZEROSPAM, you are ready to approach your customers. We will send you a promo kit which includes various brochures and marketing collateral and help you identify low hanging fruits for a first few easy sales. Make a plan to target and approach these customers and set an initial goal for yourself of reselling to 3 first customers in rapid succession. This will provide you with a level of confidence in the sales and activation process that will infuse you with a great deal of convincing power to launch into the next step.

Step 5 – Ramp up your volume

Now that you have a few delighted customers and that you understand the sales process, we can help you put the pedal to the metal. Our channel team will assist you with the following tasks:

  • identifying prospects
  • setting up your sales tactics
  • feeding and increasing you sales funnel
  • providing competitive arguments
  • teaching your sales team about reselling ZEROSPAM
  • giving sales presentations to enterprise customers

The ZEROSPAM pricing model is designed to help you generate volume. As your global volume with ZEROSPAM grows, your pricing actually decreases. That’s how you reach margins of 50% and more!

Happy and safe customers, growing recurring revenues with little effort and almost no management, those are the rewards of reselling ZEROSPAM.

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" Technically, it is one of the best solution out there. That’s why we run it. "

- D. Scott CTO EPIC Information Solutions