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ZEROSPAM anti-spam reseller program

Why resell zerospam

Here are a few reasons:

  • Make sure your customers are safe and happy.
  • Dramatically reduce email-related support requests.
  • Stop wasting time trying to tune, upgrade, update and optimize your email security solution. And earn your fair share of growing recurring revenues with a high margin service that you can totally trust.

To find out more about ZEROSPAM and our resale program, just fill out the Information Request Form below and someone from our channel team will contact you.

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How to resell the service

Building a solid and growing recurring revenue business with ZEROSPAM is entirely within your reach if you have business customers and a little bandwidht to add a new solution. Becoming an active ZEROSPAM reseller will only require about 4 hours of your time. We have an easy step-by-step process that will ensure your success.

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Try it now for 90 days

Put us to the test. As a potential reseller, you can use ZEROSPAM free of charge on your own domain(s) for up to 90 days. We love demanding resellers because they see the value in the quality of the solution we provide.

Reseller Testimonials

" Since we started using ZEROSPAM, we no longer have any problems with legitimate emails being blocked unlike our previous solution. We also made the decision to use ZEROSPAM's centralized quarantine. With our old solution, a quarantine was automatically generated for every user which resulted in a lot of wasted time and unnecessary calls. I am extremely pleased with the change to ZEROSPAM. "

Steve Joyal, Head of the IT department FTQ

" A quality solutions like ZEROSPAM makes our jobs so much easier. "

A. Beaupré Group ABI

" We don’t want to manage boxes anymore "

S. Coté SSQ

" Anti-Spam is a specialized job. Antiviruses that try to act as spam filters and firewall add-on spam modules just don’t cut it. I’m through with those. "

J. Dubois, CTO RNT