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Our last blog post reveals several details about the limitations of the Anti-Spam system used by 365. These could explain why many customers opt for a professional Anti-Spam Office 365 costs. It stated that it was centralized in the Exchange Administration Center. It also outlined that the quarantine could contain a maximum of 500 messages and explored a few other interesting and disconcerting facts.

Let's now look at 5 other aspects of Microsoft's 365's built-in Anti-Spam. These aspects make management less efficient and restrictive user's ability to access their email.

It's impossible to release emails from the quarantine simultaneously

Must be released from the Office 365 quarantine one by one. So it is important to know that FPs to release, the user will be clicking away and loosing precious time.

Fact # 6: A message trace for a message more than 7 days ago is submitted as a download.

In Office 365, EAC. Searching for anything older than 7 days genera a batch submission for the production of a .csv file to be downloaded later. That's a lot of trouble.

Fact # 7: Anti-spam based on secret "bad words" list and secrete reputation data

EOP maintains a secret "bad words" list that you can not know, edit or add to. Basically, you need to just trust Microsoft. It also maintains "Gateway level" filters that can block messages This is a message that is important to you and your business. The same message may be used in the same case, but it may be considered that it may be treated as such by the Office 365, and that it is reported that we are tested and validated on our side.

Fact # 8: Unable to search all the aliases for an account

It is not possible in Office 365 to search the quarantine for all the messages. A user whose main address is and who has 2 aliases, for instance and, will not be able to run a single search for all these addresses. This operation will require as many searches as there are defined for the account. Not only is it a waste of time but it could not be used in the quarantine if it was used for the sake of aliases.

Fact # 9: Message deferrals are 48 hours

Undeliverable messages for both inbound and outbound traffic will bounce after 48 hours. If a customer gateway experiences an outage on a Friday night, that period will not be enough to cover the weekend. So messages will be lost. Best-of-breed solutions. We do not charge for up to 5 days.

After performing this investigation, I am sure that many users are willing to pay for a more effective anti-spam treatment. access to complete logs for investigations. Maybe Microsoft and the EOP team will improve their product, but they seem to think that basic anti-spam is OK for most organizations. And as sad as it is, they may be right.

Fortunately, for those who are not satisfied with basic, there are alternatives.