We make it easy

Customers frequently report they feel ZEROSPAM is a "Set and Forget" solution. They love knowing that their email is protected without having to manage much if anything at all. From the design of the interface to the licensing mode, every part of the ZEROSPAM solution has been engineered to make your life easier.

  • Nothing to install or configure. Activation is a simple MX record change.
  • No updates, no spam dial, no optimization required. Thanks to our agile rule crafting team, ZEROSPAM is always up to date with current threats without any intervention on your part .
  • One, single, complete protection package. No need to add features to be fully protected against ALL email-borne threats.
  • Highly intuitive client interface that is easy to navigate even for non-technical users.
  • Smaller, easier to manage quarantines.
  • The safest and most flexible approach to quarantine management.
  • Easy feedback plugin that integrates with Outlook so users can easily report undetected spam.
  • Fast, local 24/7 support, provided by a professional team bent on offering helpful, competent service.
  • Free assistance with SPF and DNS issues.
  • Constant monitoring of your email gateway. Proactive notifications if your infrastructure no longer accepts incoming email from our servers.
  • On-demand email continuity for longer outages.
  • Visual cues in the quarantine to discourage users from releasing dangerous messages.
  • Easy declarative licensing with yearly update of your mailbox count. No need to define every user in the interface or to manually add new users.
  • Low management solution that lets you concentrate on your business priorities.