VB Spam Certifications

The ZEROSPAM solution has been continuously tested by VBSpam since March 2012. Our capture rate is regularly above 99.9%.

The average catch rate of the last 10 tests: 99.89%

Capture rate of the last 10 tests:

Dec 201999.85 %
June 201999.90%
March 201999.92%
December 201899.90%
September 201899.88%
June 201899.91%
March 201899.64%
December 201799.96%
September 201799.98%
June 201799.91%

VBSpam Plus certifications - NO false positives (FP)

We have received VBSpam + certification six times. This certification requires a capture rate of at least 99.5%, zero false positives and a false positive rate of less than 2.5% for newsletters.

Jan. 2013Sept. 2013Jan. 2014July 2014Jan. 2015Nov. 2015Dec. 2019
VBSPam-Plus awardVBSPam-Plus awardVBSPam-Plus awardVBSPam-Plus awardVBSPam-Plus awardVBSPam-Plus award

Virus Bulletin and the VBSpam assessment program

Virus Bulletin started in 1989 in the UK as a magazine dedicated to the detection and prevention of malware and quickly became an industry benchmark. For several years, Virus Bulletin has offered a series of independent tests and certifications for anti-virus products. In 2009 the VBSpam program was set up to assess the performance of anti-spam solutions. Many major players in the anti-spam sector participate in this certification, which publishes its reports free of charge.

For more details about VBSpam methodologies and test results: