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IMPORTANT: All our existing partners and customers have now been upgraded to the Hornetsecurity service, which will bring new features and new products, and a deeper integration with Microsoft 365.

We know you may have some questions and we aim to answer them all. This Upgrade Center is here to help you with the upgrade to Hornetsecurity.

We are here for you: Local support & Infrastructure

We’ve selected Hornetsecurity as the next Email Security Provider for you, and we want to ensure this process is as seamless as possible for you. We’ve created this page to assist with this, and have built a set of frequently asked questions too:

Current Zerospam partners and customers have already received a free upgrade to Hornetsecurity and now benefit from a wide range of additional features and benefits, while preserving all their current settings.

Newcomers immediately enjoy all the benefits that Hornetsecurity provides.

Benefit from enhanced email security with Hornetsecurity

Using Hornetsecurity solutions, you will benefit from enhanced spam and malware protection. As the highest-rated Email Security provider on Spiceworks with 250+ five-star reviews, Hornetsecurity is tried and tested and is now available to you. Existing partners and customers get to enjoy all this at the same price they’re currently paying.

With Hornetsecurity, you'll enjoy:

  • One integrated platform – Centrally manage all features with ease via a robust, German-engineered platform with local support, without having to rely on any third parties.
  • Continuous development – Seamless, ongoing integration of cloud security enhancements into your business, without additional hardware or software, and with minimal effort; backed by 10+ years of providing managed IT security solutions internationally.
  • Deep Microsoft Office 365 integration – Including encrypted mailboxes (optional Add-On).
  • Extended, enhanced email security – Once you are upgraded to Hornetsecurity, here are the features you’ll enjoy:


For all existing Zerospam partners and customers hosted on Office 365:
Extended 3-month trial of 365 Total Protection
Contact us for more details

The new functionality now available to you includes:

Deeper Logs and Live Email Tracking

The Hornetsecurity Control Panel provides you with a platform to easily monitor your organization’s entire 12 months of email communication briefly (including encryption detail) with real-time mail flow analysis and statistics. It includes full-text search of both incoming and outgoing. You can also generate detailed statistics and create export files. The frontend is also available as a Progressive Web App on mobile devices and so easy to use that end users can access it if desired.

Safe, automated individual quarantines for all users

All users hosted on M365 can access their Hornetsecurity quarantines using their M365 credentials, while other users can do so using their Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) credentials. Users can easily release non-threatening spam messages and bulk messages (such as info mails) thanks to the categorization of quarantined messages. Users can also authorize senders for these two message categories. They can do this directly from a quarantine digest. When it comes to dangerous messages, only administrators can release those.

Customizable Quarantine Report with email preview option

Receive an automated quarantine report, where you can configure delivery intervals individually (up to several times a day) or aggregate reporting for everyone – according to your business and personal workflow. Release legitimate messages directly from the quarantine report to spend less time processing quarantined email notifications. You can also end-users access to a convenient email preview option.

Powerful Content Filter with DLP-style features

Benefit from the precise categorization of emails and email attachments through centrally managed, granular content control filters. Emails with unwanted file attachments can be quarantined automatically or forwarded to recipients without receipt. Administrators can easily manage policy and admin control. Partners get maximum flexibility in implementing customers’ DLP content rules through conditional message routing that supports complex searches and regular expressions.

Outlook Add-In

In the business world, Outlook has become the leading email client. That’s why Hornetsecurity offers an add-in that is seamlessly integrated into Outlook, for both the Spamfilter Service as well as the email archiving solution. Using the menu bar, users can easily access quarantine reports, steer email encryption and more. The application is intuitive and easy to use directly from Outlook.

Email authentication: granular SPF, DMARC & DKIM options

Hornetsecurity enables partners and customers to define granular email authentication policies. Based on the domain and customer configuration settings, emails from senders who have SPF, DKIM or DMARC settings are either allowed, rejected, or quarantined. The incoming settings can either be applied to all domains of the customer or to all domains of the incoming traffic. In addition to that, DKIM signatures can be applied to outgoing emails to prove authenticity to the public.

3-month Delivery Period

Your new quarantine is available and fully searchable, including delivery, for 3 months. As more spam and threats are pre-blocked, the number of spam emails remaining in quarantine becomes small and manageable. If there is a false positive email, it can be found quickly and released via the quarantine report.

Responsive Multi-Client Management Console / Global Security Dashboard

The management console serves as a central interface and enables you as a partner and/or administrator to conveniently deploy, manage and maintain all cloud security services offered by Hornetsecurity. This saves you time and hassle. Through its responsive design, you can even manage your customers and users from mobile devices.

Newsletter & Infomail Filter engine

The infomail filter is focused on the recognition and filtering of newsletters or similar promotional emails (which Zerospam called greymail in Cumulus). The separate treatment of such emails is useful, since not every type of newsletter should be treated as spam. Users can then decide which infomails they would like to read and have those delivered to their inbox with just one click – or never have to look at a single infomail again!

Convenient Admin Management

You can authenticate and maintain stored users via the Hornetsecurity Control Panel or alternatively via the LDAP connection. The LDAP configuration can be used for logging onto the control panel, the web filter service, and the spam filter service.

Improved continuity service (Optional Add-On)

Partners will appreciate an easier to deploy and more comprehensive email continuity service. If enabled, the service is always on, kicks in automatically and can be used for both inbound and outbound communications. Email replay post incident is also automatic. Authentication credentials for the Continuity Service are the same as for the Control Panel.

Malicious Document Decryption within Advanced Threat Protection (Optional Add-On)

Encrypted email attachments are analyzed and decrypted to prevent malicious mail within the users’ inbox. All Microsoft 365 file types can be decrypted (RAR, ZIP, etc.).

Full Integration with Microsoft 365 Cloud provided through 365TP (Optional Add-On)

  • Fully automated, one-click, 30-second setup (in- and outbound traffic)
  • Single Sign On of users against Microsoft as Identity Provider
  • Supports of Microsoft MFA on all devices
  • Optional rerouting of internal email through Hornetsecurity at no additional cost so that all internal mail is filtered, and dangerous links and attachments sent from a compromised M365 account can be detected and blocked.

SIEM Connector (Optional Add-On)

This is a syslog-compatible packet communication providing critical log data for SIEM services for comprehensive protection and integration in your security management processes. Perfect for Security Operations Center (SOC) teams.

Award-Winning Advanced Threat Protection (Optional Add-On)

Advanced Threat Protection provides award-winning dynamic analyses, ATP Sandbox Engines, real time alerts, quarantine and reporting, with visual snapshot detonation of caught malware. Time-of-click URL analysis with URL rewriting (link target check) efficiently protects against dangerous download links and zero-day threats with links leading to as yet undiscovered dangerous websites.

Legally Compliant Signature & Disclaimer (Optional Add-On)

User-based individual or group custom signatures are pulled directly from Active Directory (LDAP) and Microsoft 365 enabled through a central monitoring tab in the control panel, enabling you to set up standardized or custom signatures for an entire organization. It includes an easy editor, intelligent ads, and the perfect placement of banners and logos. Easily import legally required signatures and disclaimers, with group eligibility.

Legally Compliant Integrated Email Archiving (Optional Add-On)

Once activated, email archiving is done automatically as soon as an email is sent or received (including internally, if needed). Mark emails as private, retain emails for 10 years and have fast easy access to the archived emails. Easily deliver archived emails in seconds. Fully GDPR, PIPEDA, and CCPA compliant.

Extra Encryption Formats & Control (Optional Add-On) including end-to-end encryption

In addition to an opportunistic TLS encryption, partners can enforce rule-based TLS for the outgoing and incoming email traffic. As a plus, Hornetsecurity offers easy-to-use S/MIME, PGP, and client-less Websafe based encryption, as well as Microsoft 365 Total Encryption.

For Partners: Additional advantages

Hornetsecurity offers different flavors of Partner Programs. It offers an extensive partner program and portal with sales, marketing and technical support and a VAR Excellence level with website logo reciprocity for Premium and Excellence partner levels. Partners may also be chosen to participate in webinars, tradeshows, online seminars and more. A specific MSP Program is also offered with 3 levels and rebated purchase. Platinum Partners have access to Beta test and director roundtables. Partners will now benefit from a complete full service RestFul API set that enables all functions of the control panel and not just certain restricted actions.

For Partners: Complimentary 24/7 - 365 Support and extensive pre-sales resources

Support for our partners has top priority – 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition to free training courses and extensive materials, such as data sheets, whitepapers, logos and presentations, our Customer Relations Specialists will support you in setting up and configuring our services. And of course, we will also be happy to answer any questions you may have when selling our products.

We have automatically upgraded current Zerospam customers and partners for free

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Should you have any questions, our local Support Team will help every step of the way.


We have also prepared these FAQs to assist you:

With Hornetsecurity, You’re in Safe Hands.

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