The ZEROSPAM solution

Complete, highly accurate email security

A few words about ZEROSPAM

One complete highly efficient protection umbrella for all email-borne threats including ransomware and spear phishing. Very easy to manage solution with a high catch-rate and a low FP rate backed by quick and competent support.

What makes us different?

You need more effective protection against randomware and spear phishing? Is your Anti-Spam blocking your legitimate messages? Are you receiving adequate support from your provider?

Office 365 and ZEROSPAM - two solutions working hand in hand

If you want to increase the spam and malware blocking power of Office 365, be able to manage your quarantine centrally if you so desire and easily access your email logs of the last 30 days, you’ve come to the right place.

What's new

May 24, 2017

ZEROSPAM leverages artificial intelligence with the support of the Government of Canada

Montreal – May...



August 31, 2016

Facts that ransomware blackmailers don’t want you to know

As the number of organizations targeted by ransomware hits all-time highs, it is reasonable to assume that an increasing number of victims will inevitably see their data get encrypted. The ...