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Great product and service. ZEROSPAM does what traditional anti-spam providers do and does it well. There are a few other features to reduce Whaling and targeted spear-phishing attacks on our executives that are very useful. Compugen switched to ZEROSPAM after we had problems with Whaling that our former antispam provider could not catch. ZEROSPAM was much better at catching these emails and has made our executives' views on our anti-spam capabilities much more positive. Support has been incredible, more than we could have expected.

Bryan J.
Sr. Manager, Managed Services

Fantastic product, very easy to use and to configure! Spam filter as a cloud service just makes sense, there's an economy in bandwidth and in security since the junk never gets to our networks. The filter is excellent, practically nothing goes through and I had 1 false positive in 3 years!

Cuauhtémoc G.
IT Support

Blown away. I have yet to find another spam filtering service as complete as ZEROSPAM. Since migrating my clients to their service malware infestations are down, spam is down and customer satisfaction is higher than ever. The Tech support is absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to deal with.

David G.
Computer Service Supervisor

Best option, hands down, to get rid of 100% of your Spam emails. I have been using ZEROSPAM in the last 2 companies I have been working and it is for sure the best Anti-Spam solution out there. We do have Microsoft Office 365, which includes an Anti-Spam solution but it does not equal what ZEROSPAM is able to do for your company. We never see spam anymore, brings up efficiency for staff not needing to filter this in the already big quantity of emails they receive daily.

Marc L.
CIO, Partner

Great product, easy to deploy, excellent margin for re-sellers. Maximize protection for our customers, add to our monthly recurring. Price, the price for Office 365 is excellent - Interface, easy to navigate - Protection, does a very good job.

IT Consultant

Simple to implement, simple to use, no maintenance to do. I have nothing to do for this spam filtering solution to work perfectly every day!! I know it sound impossible but it's a fact. No hardware to maintain, no VM, no software to update. I do not remember the last time i had to release an email from the quarantine, at least 8 month ago.

Network administrator

ZEROSPAM is a proven service that constantly protects us from questionable and dangerous Internet e-mails. Only 40% of Internet e-mails are routed to us and constantly filtered. The management and use of quarantine and journal is efficient, complete and easy to use. The customer service is excellent and professional.

IT advisor

Once up and running very little maintenance. Very rarely do I need to check the quarantine. Support is wonderful and easy to access.

President, CEO

Very satisfied. The service just works; easy to setup and to manage. Has reduced the hassle of dealing with quarantined email drastically.

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Jean-Marc P.
IS Manager

ZEROSPAM's service works really well, and their support team is great! To me, the greatest thing about ZEROSPAM is actually being able to SPEAK to a real human being, instead of bouncing emails back and forth to outsourced support like other antispam providers are doing. It just works, and I don't need to worry about it. Their online control panel is intuitive and simple to use.

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Alexandre B.
Manager, Infrastructure Services & Telecom

Been a customer for years. Just a worry free service that offers all the advantages necessary, having used on premise solutions this one is worry free.

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Francois A.
IT Director

Easy to use tools for control over white/black lists, reports, and logs to diagnose why an email does not come through. Very good control over spam/virus/phishing, they have practically disappeared from our email flow. Practically no more spams. An additional view on our mail flow. A buffer that will keep the incoming mail waiting while we work on the mail server.

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The email protection of all. ZEROSPAM is not just the name, it's real! Always up to date. No maintenance. Ease of use and fully configure in a minute. If you need help, just ask and receive. I use it personally and it's rock solid for more than 3 years now. I love this product and, if you care about security and mailbox efficiency, you should subscribe.

Technical director

There are no weaknesses that come to mind. Everything has been really well laid out and self explanatory. The interface is really simple to use and very functional. Saves a lot of time by not having to sort through tons of junk email.

Director of Operations

Very good partner for us with a good product and good service. The product is very easy to use and is very efficient. They have a very good team for customer support, always happy to help us. So far there is nothing we don't like about the product or the company. Every time we have technical issue they are there to help in a timely matter. Peace of mind to protect our customers email.


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" At BZ Inc. we started using ZEROSPAM in March 2015. Today, we have about over 4000 filtered mailboxes. We find the service very satisfying, their team competent and the solution easy to use. Our clients are extremely pleased and the solution has been advantageous. "

- R. Delisle BZ Inc