Working at Zerospam

We hire for attitude, enthusiasm, and curiosity

Zerospam is a people-centric company. We know our most important assets are the people we work with. We really enjoy our time together and are excited to continually tackle new projects.

A diverse and welcoming environment

Diversity is a wealth that benefits all groups. We encourage any initiatives that help broaden our horizons.

Ensuring a work / life balance

We offer flexible schedules and remote work to allow for proper work-life balance. We have extensive experience with work-from-home situations.

Promoting self development

We support continuous learning and knowledge sharing via Lunch-and-Learn sessions, frequent intra-team collaborations, and paid training certifications.

Work when & where you have to, focus on results, but never at the expense of your life balance.


We count on our employees, so we create a work environment they can count on.

BIXI Key At Your Disposal

Exercise meets transportation.

Annual Fitness Allowance

Because a healthy body means a healthy mind.

Social Activities

We celebrate birthdays, we do 5@7, have gaming evenings, have seasonal parties, watch movies, and so much more.

Health Insurance
Collective Insurance Plan

Cura te ipsum.

Knowledge Base
Continuous Learning

When you know better, you do better.