Why and When Should You Contract the Services of a Spam Expert?

Why and When Should You Contract the Services of a Spam Expert?

These days, just about everyone uses email in some capacity. It doesn’t matter whether you use it to keep in touch with your relatives or whether you conduct the majority of your business communications online, email undoubtedly plays some role in your life. As convenient as email can be, it also isn’t perfect -- as best illustrated by the spam messages that nearly everybody encounters on a daily basis. While spam may not always seem like a serious problem, there are times when enlisting the help of a spam expert is an absolute necessity to keep your email account decluttered and to protect your private data.

But when should you enlist the help of a spam expert? While spam filtering services are strongly recommended for organizations and private individuals alike, more intensive and specialized support is a good idea in these and other circumstances:

You’re Receiving an Overwhelming Amount of Spam

Unsurprisingly, the first reason why you may wish to contact a spam expert is if there is an overabundance of spam email arriving in your inbox each day, getting past the filters you already have in place. This is especially common for businesses, which are often targeted by spammers due to the large swaths of personal data and financial resources they store on their network. When left unchecked, spam messages can completely overwhelm your inbox, consuming valuable network bandwidth and taking up email storage space. This can slow down many of your online functions or cause you to miss out on legitimate messages altogether.

A spam expert can help you set up filtering systems that ensure that the vast majority of these harmful messages never reach your network in the first place. This helps you avoid slowdowns and greatly reduces the risk that you would accidentally click on a spam message. Enlisting the help of a spam expert, will ensure that legitimate messages are not targeted as spam.

Spam Is Being Sent From Your IP Address

While most people are worried about the spam that comes into their inbox, many overlook the potential risk of having their own IP address blacklisted for sending spam. More often than not, this occurs after a computer has been infected with a virus that causes the infected computer to send spam messages to every potential recipient.

When your account is hacked or spoofed, your contacts can become inundated with spam email. More troubling, however, is the potential that these actions (which can often go completely undetected by the average user) will cause your IP address to be blacklisted by other filtering organizations. This can cause even legitimate emails sent from your network to be marked as spam. You don’t want this to happen -- especially if you use email for business operations. However, enlisting the help of a spam expert can put in place the protections you need to avoid this situation.

You Have Multiple Users on Your Network

You may be able to recognize spam email right away, but do your employees (or even family members) know what to watch out for? You can’t be hovering over their shoulder all the time, and you never know when someone might click on a spam email thinking it’s a legitimate message. If they download an infected file or click on a phishing link, confidential data could be stolen.

Needless to say, this isn’t a risk you want to take. Enlisting the services of a spam expert to protect your network with the latest in filtration technology will eliminate the risk of an unwary user clicking on a malicious email. With the right filters in place, you won’t need to worry about another user’s actions compromising your data or causing your own IP address to get flagged for spam.