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Corporate and Social Responsibility

Diligence and attention to detail are central to who we are. These values affect all aspects of our business, even the non-technical ones. They lead us to take actions that we feel are right for our community and the future.

We care about our planet

At Zerospam, every action counts, and it's everyone's responsibility. Even before we had an environmental policy, we were taking actions to reduce our environmental impact.

Some examples of how Zerospam equals zero waste:

  • Datacenters powered by green, renewable energy.
  • Recycling and Composting.
  • Supplying public transit passes for all employees.
  • Remote work (employees can work from home to avoid transit)
  • Access to bike sharing (Bixi key at the office)
  • Day off to allow employee to go to an environmental demonstration
  • Avoid single use plastic usage by providing washable dishes and utensils to employees (for lunch, coffee…)
  • Providing water cooler and coffee beans
  • Compensate our necessary airplane tickets

In 2020, we wanted to do more and took the steps needed to become carbon neutral.

We have proudly been certified carbon neutral by Planetair in 2019, and we are constantly looking for new initiatives to reduce our impact on our planet, environment and communities.

We have only one planet! Every little action counts, and we believe that we have a responsibility to the future generations.


Diversity & Inclusion

Studies have proven over and over that a more diverse team performs better and innovates more. At Zerospam, people from all backgrounds are welcome. On a daily basis, we are fortunate to experience what diversity and inclusion can bring when it comes to new ideas, problems solving and streamlining processes. We strive to maintain an inclusive work culture and continue our efforts to recruit with these ideals in mind.

Zerospam is also a proud supporter of The Women in Technology Network, a worldwide association that looks to encourage, enable and support women to pursue and develop their careers in the technology industry. Because we believe that diversity is an asset, interested employees get a paid membership to the WIT Network and the freedom to invest time in associated initiatives. As of today, the Quebec chapter of The WIT Network is led by two of our amazing employees.

Curious to know more? Here are some of their initiatives:

VIP lunch, Webinar, Interesting blog post

Diversity in gender, ethnicity, culture bring new ideas by fostering more collaboration and contribute to a richer more human work environment.

David Poellhuber - Founder and CEO - Zerospam


We care about our planet as much as we do our customers. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. We’re all in.

Plant Tree
Planting Trees

When we’re not building cutting edge email security technologies, you’ll find us outside digging in the dirt.

The WIT Network

Zerospam is a proud supporter of Women in Technology (WIT).

Diversity is a Strength

“Strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities” is a sentiment we can really get behind.