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ZEROSPAM puts an end to image spam thanks to Cloudmark's technology

01 May 2007

The global anti-spam community has come to the same conclusion: genotype detection is the single most effective technology in the fight against image spam. All other techniques are ineffective. That's why ZEROSPAM decided to incorporate Cloudmark's message fingerprinting into its detection infrastructure.

Message fingerprints are profiles created from the unique form and characteristics of known spam. Message fingerprinting providers collect spam that has been reported to them by reputable volunteers worldwide. The providers use the spam to produce a message fingerprint, which is then incorporated into the filtering system to accurately detect messages that have a similar profile. Cloudmark is a world-renowned message fingerprinting provider.

Cloudmark provides ZEROSPAM with message fingerprints in real time, which are then incorporated into ZEROSPAM's filtering architecture. This new measure is extremely effective against image spam and gets rid of this problem for our clients at no additional cost to them, said David Poellhuber, ZEROSPAM Founder and Operating Manager.