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SPAM hits 90% of all email

02 November 2007

Right now, nine out of ten emails circulating the Internet are spam. This information is based on daily statistics collected from millions of messages filtered by ZEROSPAM’s infrastructure. Recently, peak levels have even reached 95%. Other IT security stakeholders have confirmed this high level of spam.

This unfortunate situation has considerably compromised businesses’ Internet capacity and availability. On top of email, Internet links are also used for other critical functions, such as browsing, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and online services.

Furthermore, new forms of spam have emerged and are consuming a much greater amount of bandwidth with PDF, Excel and MP3 attachments.

If a spam or phishing campaign is launched with a spoofed domain name, the problem can turn into a disaster. In such a scenario, the business’s spam-filtering solution will generate non-delivery notifications. These notifications will be sent by the millions to the firm’s gateway initiating what is called a "DSN Backscatter", flooding the spoofed domain, and thus seriously compromising its transmission capacity.

In the fight against spam, the only solution that eliminates threats before they reach the network perimeter is managed email filtering, which also frees up wasted Internet bandwidth.