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Minister Raymond Bachand meets the ZEROSPAM team at the Salon des TIC

07 March 2008

A Positive Meeting with Minister Raymond Bachand at the Salon des TIC

Mr. Raymond Bachand, Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade, stopped by the ZEROSPAM kiosk at the Salon des TIC on February 26. He spoke openly and warmly with David Poellhuber, ZEROSPAM’s President and Operating Manager, about the many advantages of managed email services for the public sector. The Salon des TIC 2008, an MDEIE initiative in collaboration with the Inter logiQ Network, offers Quebec companies working in the information technologies sector a rare chance to meet with potential buyers from the provincial government. This was the event’s third edition and it brought together 54 exhibitors and some 200 government purchasing agents.

The event is comprised of both a commercial exhibition and conferences. This year, those who wished to give conferences presented case studies and presentations were chosen according to their quality and relevance. ZEROSPAM was selected to present on the service activation for a large law firm. The conference highlighted the trust that was built between the two companies thanks to the clients’ cooperation and the quality of technical support provided by the ZEROSPAM team.

The connection between the Quebec ministries and organizations and Quebec information technology companies, which are extremely innovative, dynamic SMEs, is not nearly as strong as it should be. Which is why initiatives such as the Salon des TIC are essential to the development of new purchasing habits. ZEROSPAM would like to thank the excellent Salon des TIC 2008 team, because this event allowed the company to establish important connections with several ministries and organizations.